How to Write an Academic Goals Essay

Steps in Writing an Academic Goals Essay

An academic goals essay is an essay that on the surface is a short essay regarding some of your college goals. However admissions people use the goals essay to gain some personal insight into you as an individual rather than as a walking grade point average and test score. At the same time the academic goals essay provides you with the one sure chance you will have to personally influence admissions personnel.

Writing your academic goals essay will be a 3 steps process shown here:

  • Brainstorm some ideas, including some academic plans such as choice of majors, and particular classes you are interested in. What are your academic strengths? Have you considered career goals beyond school?
  • Determine a main point that your essay can focus on. The college admissions people will want to know basically why you want to attend their institution, and what makes you a particularly good applicant. Reading some academic goals essay examples would prove helpful at this point.
  • Write your essay

Points to Cover in Your Academic Goals Essay

The essay you write should of course touch on your academic goals. However try and incorporate a story or personal anecdote into the essay relating to your academic goals. Stories are remembered much longer than a list of facts and can help make you stand out. If you have any particularly strong suits or personal traits that make you an asset to the institution, touch on those also. Avoid sounding arrogant and also avoid a resume-like listing of accomplishments. If there is something a little unusual or unique about you, include it if it isn’t too shocking. Don’t forget in the course of storytelling to cover your academic goals as that is essentially the question being asked. Take your time writing the academic goals essay and give it some serious thought. Besides, it’s worth visiting our site and find out more information about how to write academic essay.

Academic Goals Essay Tips to Remember

The academic goals essay is one of many admissions criteria. But it could be the final deciding factor that influences your admission or rejection.

Use the following tips to help write the essay that will gain you the best results:

  • Don’t try and impress with big words and long flowery sentences. It doesn’t work. Clear concise sentences that get directly to the point are more impressive.
  • Be yourself. Don’t write what you think admissions want to see. It will be spotted. Write what you honestly think.
  • Make sure you cover the question being asked.
  • Avoid clichés and quotes. Using your own words is better and what admissions people want to see.
  • Proofread and eliminate spelling and grammatical errors. They reflect poorly on you.

Be interesting, address the question and do so in a clear concise manner to make the best impression with your essay. Besides, you may learn more information about academic essay structure on our site.

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