Get to Know How to Write an Academic Essay

Learning How to Write an Academic Essay

The type of academic writing you are likely to encounter the most often is the academic essay. Knowing how to write an academic essay will be useful, not only because it is encountered more often, but because it also will provide you with the academic writing basics useful on other types of academic papers. Writing an academic essay consists of several steps covered in 3 stages.

The stages of writing the academic essay are as follows:

  • Preparation stage – Steps taken before the actual writing begins. Research, thesis development and essay outline are all included in the preparation portion.
  • Drafting stage – The actual writing of the essay. It is not a final draft and changes can be made so initially don’t worry if it isn’t exactly how you want.
  • Revision and editing stage – Revision may be done several times in the course of reaching the final completed academic essay.

Working on the drafting stage of the essay will require knowing the basic structure followed by most academic essays.

How to Write Academic Essay Assignments Using the Basic Structure

Most academic essays are written using the same format. Variations may be added but the basics don’t change. An academic essay consists of 3 basic parts shown here:

  • Introduction – Background and some topic information provided and will contain your thesis statement. The thesis statement is the purpose of the essay. It is the point that you will be attempting to prove.
  • Body – The body is the argument and evidence that supports the thesis statement. Generally 1 point will be made in each paragraph of the body. The first sentence of each paragraph will state a point and the rest of the paragraph will support it.
  • Conclusion – In the conclusion the thesis will be restated and the points and evidence provided in the body summarized.

This basic structure is useful in providing a logical argument, and knowing how to write an academic essay following this structure can be useful when writing other academic papers. Besides, you may learn more information about publishing an academic paper by visiting our site.

Tips How Improve and How to Write an Academic Essay

The following list of academic essay writing tips can improve your essay writing if followed:

  • Make sure your thesis statement is concise and clearly understood
  • When making statement in support of the thesis use specific examples to support your statements. Your argument must be based in facts.
  • Write in a clear and concise style that gets directly to the point. Don’t use unnecessary words just to increase your word count.
  • Make sure your paragraphs are properly structured. First sentence a statement, with the rest of the paragraph supporting the statement.
  • Proofread

Now you know how to write an academic essay. If you still need help call us right now!