FAQ: How To Write An Academic Paper


What is the Proper Structure of an Academic Paper?

Knowing how to write an academic paper using the correct format and structure depends on the nature of the academic paper. There is a basic structure that most academic papers will follow regardless of the type of paper. An academic paper will have an introduction that includes your thesis statement. This is followed by the main body which is evidence that supports your thesis, and ends with a conclusion which brings together your main points. Most academic papers will have a format that is some variation of this basic structure.
What Are the Stages of Writing an Academic Paper?

There are three stages involved in how to write an academic paper. They are the 1) Preparation stage which involves research, developing a thesis and making an outline of your paper, 2) Drafting stage which is the actual writing of the paper and 3) Revision and editing stage to make sure your paper is presented in the best way and is free of mistakes such as grammatical and spelling errors.
Can You Tell Me How to Review an Academic Paper?

Writing a review of an academic paper will require that you summarize the text of the paper, analyze and interpret the text, evaluate the content and give the conclusion that you have reached. Your paper will consist of an introduction that identifies the work, summarizes the topic and clarifies your position pro or con. The body is essentially your analysis of the key points made, and your evaluation of evidence provided to support those points. Your review will end with a summary of your evaluation and your judgment about the credibility of the paper being reviewed.
What is the Most Important Part of an Academic Paper?

From a student’s perspective, all parts of an academic paper carry an equal amount of weight as an instructor will read your entire paper, and note mistakes in each area. However if you had to focus on only one part of how to write an academic paper, a strong argument can be made that the introduction is the most important part. This is based on the fact that if the introduction is not sufficiently well written, any reader not required to read your entire paper will never read past the introduction, regardless of how well the rest of the paper is written.
What If I Don't Know How to Write an Academic Paper and the Deadline is Near?

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