A List of Widely Used Claims in Academic Writing

When writing an academic paper, citing sources are vital because this avoids you from committing plagiarism. Our team of Academic Writing Help writers knows about its importance, so we provide you with excellent custom paper services to suit your needs.

Citing your sources is vital in your research because it speaks about the value of the research you have made. When you cite another person’s work, it is important to credit them for that. On your academic paper, cite all the sources that you have used. This is important even if you would not be able to quote directly from one’s research. Give credit to the author that you have used in your paper.

Why does academic writing help suggest you to cite your sources?


Using citations let your readers or professor to explore more on the research source that you have used. It also speaks on the depth of the research that you have done. Your citation helps your readers realize the value of your work and ideas. Your claims are made more valid if you cite your sources well. Do not forget to cite your sources when writing your paper. But if you think you cannot apply it in your work, academic writing help. Through citing your sources, you will avoid plagiarism. It is a serious offense to plagiarize or copy another person’s work without giving credit to the original author.

Commonly Used Citation Styles in Academic Writing

  • American Psychological Association (APA). This is commonly used in social science and psychology.
  • Modern Language Association of America (MLA). This is the style commonly used in the fields of arts, literature, humanities, and others.
  • Chicago Style Guide. This is used in disciplines like history. The Turabian Style is from this style guide, so they are the same in many ways.

Choosing a Style with Academic Writing Help

Consult your professor on the style that he wishes you to use. Based from his instructions, choose from the above style guides. If you have problems on citations, consult academic writing help today.

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