Ensure That Your Papers Are Original – Principles of Academic Paraphrasing

General Notions on Academic Paraphrasing

Academic paraphrasing is the kind of art one must obligatory master to succeed in academic writing. This is a tricky thing, but you need to get acquainted with its principles to write serious academic papers and express your and other authors’ concepts. Paraphrasing is in a way similar to summarizing, still it has some peculiar aspect to be taken into consideration for effective pieces of academic writing completing.

Avoid Plagiarizing

The first and most important rule of academic paraphrasing says: “Avoid the plagiarism!” This is exactly the kind of thing the academic community can not stand! You may use the direct citation of other’s ideas and thoughts (do not forget to use quotation marks in these cases). Still it would be better to use your own words to make the academic paraphrasing really professional. Train yourself in this task and you will definitely achieve success.

Bear in Mind the Academic Styles’ Citation Rules


The inevitable part of academic writing is the use of traditional modern writing styles (APA, Chicago, MLA etc.). You need to learn the rules for citation in every of the mentioned style (or any other that your tutors prefer). You may as well widely use the following constructions as “N thinks (proves, says, explains…) that”, “According to N’s conception…”, “As N. has stated in his/her paper…” These constructions, easily injected into your paper’s body, will help to express the thoughts of another author without “stealing” them.

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