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Academic Writing Sample

On May 1, 2000, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation made its television premiere on Columbia Broadcast System (CBS) and its debut to the world.  Since then, this television program has drawn more than 60 million viewers worldwide and has led these viewers to regard forensic science as “stylish and attractive” (Pitta, The CSI Effect XIV).  The global appeal and popularity of the television show CSI has promoted other similar forensic drama shows that  have garnered the attention of more than 100 million worldwide viewers across the world.

Although the writers of the forensic and crime based television shows often generate the concepts for their story lines from real-life cases, the content actually used in these shows must be dramatized extensively, in order to appeal to audiences and to translate to a televised form of entertainment (Crimson 1).  Viewers of these forensic science and crime scene programs are often not aware of the drama added to these programs to help add TV shock value and to move the story line along.  Many times the forensic processed used are also dramatized so that the viewer will not be confused by actual scientific terms. These dramatized portrayals can result in viewer fascination with forensic science and crime and develop a false understanding of the truth behind forensic sciences (The Realities 1).  Glorifying forensic science and crime appears to be the most prominent method to gain viewers’ attention; but by promoting false information, a phenomenon has occurred known most commonly as the CSI effect.

In today’s society’ the CSI effect has impacted the way that many view not only the field of forensic sciences but many modern crimes today. The result is a society that has a skewed view of the facts that guide forensic evidence; a view that can greatly impact the way juries view forensic evidence in courtrooms; an issue that can greatly disrupt today’s legal system and the way it operates. This is why it is important to have a general understanding of the CSI effect, the impact it can have on society today, and ways in which as a society we can prevent the CSI effect from impacting the legal system of today.

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