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Academic Writing Essay Assignments

Most academic essays require that you take a position on a topic and argue your position by presenting evidence that supports your argument. The process involved in writing an academic essay consists of 3 stages.

These are:

  • Preparing to write by researching, brainstorming and developing a thesis statement that represents your position. Includes preparing a rough outline of how you intend to present your argument.
  • Drafting the essay. The actual writing of the paper. Essay structure usually consists of an introduction where you provide a brief overview of the topic and present your thesis statement. This is followed by the body. A standard format would be to use 1 paragraph for each supporting point, with the opening sentence of each paragraph stating the point and the following sentences supporting it.
  • Revising and editing the essay. After any revisions edit and proofread.

Guidelines for Academic Writing Essay Assignments

The academic essay you are assigned to write may have specific guidelines and requirements. However the following basic academic essay writing tips may prove useful during the essay writing process regardless of any other guidelines required:

  • Plan your essay structure. Use an outline to determine the best order in which to present your points.
  • Use one paragraph for each point. State the point in the first sentence and support it in the following sentences.
  • Write in a style appropriate for an academic papers. Avoid slang terms and use proper grammar.
  • Proofread to ensure your paper is free of basic spelling and grammatical errors.

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Advantages of an Academic Essay Writing Service

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