Terms And Conditions

Upon completion and submission of your order on our site, you have agreed to the following

  1. In case you order a custom written paper with our service, please note that we provideour customers with research material only. The academic papers supplied by us as partof our consulting services may be used as a sample to write your own assignment.
  2. We are free to use any available materials related to the topic ­ journals, newspapers,online publications, etc ­ unless you give us specific sources that you want us to use.
  3. By using our services, you assure us that doing so does not violate the college oruniversity academic rules that you are in.
  4. If the paper we have created does not satisfy you, and fails to meet your expectationsand demands, we can offer you two choices – a free revision or a refund. In case ofrefund, you have to send us a refund request via email with the paper along withcomments and any other indications of failure to meet your written requirements on ourpart. A change of requirement from you will be treated as an editing service request and.
  5. We do not guarantee you any grades, only the quality of our services.
  6. Our service liability is limited to the amounts payable to us. You should discontinue usingour services in case you disagree on this condition.
  7. All refund requests are discussed via email. Please submit a request specifying yourcomplaint via email and our Quality Assurance Department will investigate the case and.
  8. If service delivery is late due to our services gaps, you are entitled to a partial refund. Ifthe order procession has any delays from your side, you may not request any
  9. All documents we create are provided in MS Word 2003­2013 compatible format. Incase you order defense presentation with us, it will be done in MS PowerPoint. Anyspecific format that you prefer should be requested from the service prior to the orderdelivery. Converting completed and finished files from one format to another is beyondthe scope of the services we offer.
  10. We offer free revisions within 30 days after the final draft submission. In case we receiveno comments from the client within this period, we will consider the order as closed andthat the client is satisfied with the final draft.
  11. Reviews of our services on other websites may be truthful or not. We are not responsiblefor any guarantees and claims made on behalf of our services from any other domain.
  12. Part of our website marketing services is outsourced to a number of vendors. Wemonitor their activity, so if any action done on behalf of our website affects your ownwebsite development strategy, we ask you to get in touch with us so we could locaterelated vendor and revise our partnership with them.